How did Ray Gunston die and what was his cause of death?: On Tuesday morning, June 5, the administrator of the AFL official Ray Gunston died of a heart attack at Southbank. Ray Gunston was only 64 years old at the time he died. Ray Gunston was the administrator of the AFL official. He had also worked with Essendon as a manager. Follow More Updates On

Ray Gunston

How did Ray Gunston die?

Ray Gunston was a very smart and respected man. He was considered a man of his words, and that was the reason that Ray Gunston was called “The Wall” at the AFL House. Ray Gunston was a very simple man, he did not even eat a lot of varieties in food, he only liked to eat basic salads. Whenever Ray Gunston left his work half, then he always got stressed and anxious. Ray Gunston used to work with the clubs and make the finance strategy of the league much better than before. He started to be known as one of the major negotiators to bargain with the players of the AFL. Ray Gunston worked on a lot of projects.

The Chief Executive Officer of the AFL, Gillon McLachlan shared his grief through his Twitter post for Ray Gunston. He said in the Tweet that the person who was known as “The Wall” for his dedication towards anything has left the world. He was a wise leader of the AFL Community. Ray Gunston always gave his precious guidance and encouragement to the AFL Community and all the workers of the community. Wherever Ray Gunston would be, he should be in a good place.

Ray Gunston Death Cause

All the staff members of the AFL community shared the best of their memories with Ray Gunston through their social media posts. One of his employees said in the Twitter post, that he was one of the best guides who had always shown the righteous ways for anything whether it was for someone’s personal life or their professional life, his guidance always proved to be the best. Ray Gunston did not lose his work attitude even after the turmoil of his club in 2013, he worked hard to make the company get more profits.

Ray Gunston

Ray Gunston was married to Mandy Gunston. He was the father of Jack Gunston and his entire family was liked by the entire administration of Hawthorn leadership. The administration always liked to admire the works of Ray Gunston and his dedication to every work he held in his hand. However, there is not much information about Ray Gunston on the internet, but he was much liked by everyone he had ever met in his entire life for being straightforward.


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