How Did Paul Dibello Die? Houston’s Social Media Figure Paul Whisky Dead: News has come that a popular social media figure, Paul Dibello who was also a club promoter in Houston died on Saturday in a car accident. He was only 34 when he got in an accident. He lived in Texas and was a resident of Pasadena. According to information, he was kind of famous on social media he had thousands of followers on Instagram. One of his friends Isiah confirmed his death news and told him that he got died in a motorcycle accident.

How Did Paul Dibello Die Cause Of Death Houstons Social Media Figure Paul Dibello aka Paul Whisky Dead

When the news of his death was confirmed, his fans and friends got shocked as it was unexpected news for the entire influencer community who is going through this difficult time. After hearing about his death news his fans got shocked. Many are thinking that maybe he was drunk and overspeeding can also cause his death. How Did Paul Dibello Die?

Who Was Paul Dibello? Cause Of Death

Paul Dibello lived in Texas, Pasadena, and is now not alive. He was 34 years old. He also had many followers on his Instagram as he was a party boy too and loves to do parties. He completed his graduation from Pasadena High School. He also worked as a salesman at Exclusive Furniture in Houston. According to a source, he also worked at a nightclub in Houston as an Event Host or a Promoter.

His friends said he was the man of his words and he was kind and always treat everyone with respect. He also posts funny videos & reels on Insta and Tik-Tok. As his friends confirmed that he is now dead after getting caught in an accident. His friend Isiah also shared about his death on his Instagram post. Well, the statements on this accident will be given by his family & friends later on.

An investigation is also going on that how did he die maybe his vehicle breaks didn’t work, some saying he was drunk and some saying he was drunk & driving. Though nothing has been confirmed and investing is still going on. Authorities will give more information after the reason gets revealed.

After his death, his friends & family are sad and in deep pain and shared about his death on their social media. After talking to their family they said that he was a loving child, he always does what he loves, he was kind & loving and always came forward to help those who need that. His family says that someone is involved in his death, maybe someone has made tragedy to kill him, they want officers to do a proper investigation in this case. We will update you when we get more information on this news till then stay updated.

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