One of the popular faces of the Internet, an X-Factor contestant and Voice singer, Natanya Brook reportedly passed away while playing Xbox with her friends at night. According to the sources, the semi-professional gamer with epilepsy died suddenly while with her friends and playing Xbox at Friday night.

Natanya Brook Died

Natanya Brook was a passionate video game player and a talented growing star in the world of gaming. Natanya, who took a part in the audition of the two biggest reality shows of the world, X-Factor, and The Voice.

How Did Natanya Brook Die?

A 23-years-old girl won the heart of millions of fans across the world and gained huge respect during her audition. She was a part of a semi-pro gaming team and also loved singing. She was also popular by her nickname, Tanya among her fans.

She was with her friend and playing Xbox with friends in a virtual reality room the night before and into the morning of her death. The inquest told that while they were playing, Tanya suddenly stopped talking and fell silently.

On the same morning, her mother, Jenny Brook check her room at their home in Aylesford, near Maidstone, Kent, to find her daughter who was laying up against the bed, but she thought that she was asleep.

After a few hours, Jenny Brook came into her room once again and found her daughter in the same position and knew that something was wrong with her. Her mother tried CPR and after a few minutes, she called the emergency services but when the services reached, Tanya was pronounced dead.

What Was Natanya Brook Cause of Deaath?

The mother of Tanya told the court that her gaming friends who were playing with her at the time remembered that they heard the gamer say “Ooh, I feel…” and then silence. Many fans of the star paid tribute to her and expressed their sorrow over her death. She was a good-hearted girl. Tanya’s friend says that there was no one who hated her as she has a very kind nature for everyone.

She was quite popular on the Internet because of her game play and gave her best to reach every goal of her life. At the age of 23, the girl achieved lots of things after becoming a participant in popular reality shows, X-Factor and The Voice.

At the time of her presence in the show, she gained massive popularity on social media. She will be always remembered by her family and friends.


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