Leonid Kravchuk, who is a well-known politician in Ukraine and the first President of Ukraine reportedly passed away at the age of 88. The politician took his last breath on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. The news of his death was confirmed by the Presidency. Leonid led the country through the deafening early years of independence and agreed to give up its Soviet nuclear arsenal. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in an address to the nation,” He was a person who could always find wise words and say them in such a way that all Ukrainians would listen”.

how did leonid kravchuk die

He continued,” It’s especially important in moments of crisis when the future of a whole country can depend on the wisdom of one person. Leonid Kravchuk was always with Ukraine”. Since the news of his death was confirmed, his family and loved ones are going through a difficult time. They have been paying tributes and expressing their deep condolence to him.

How Did Leonid Kravchuk Die?

It is heartbreaking to accept that the beloved politician has gone from this world. He served from December 5 until July 1994. Being a politician, he was also a Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada and People’s Deputy of Ukraine serving in the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine faction.

Leonid was known for his political career and gained huge attention from the public during his political career. He even resigned from the Presidency after a political crisis involving the president and the prime minister but ran for a second term as President in 1994. Later, he was defeated in 1994. Leonid also served as a Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR from July 1990 to August 1991 and a Member of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Ukraine from June 1988 to December 1990.

What Was Leonid Kravchuk Cause of Death?

If we talk about his political career, so, he was a part of many political parties such as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the Independent, and the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine. Born as Leonid Makarovych Kravchuk on January 10, 1934 in Zytyn, Poland to an ethnic Ukrainian peasant family. When he was a child, his father served in the Polish army during the 1930s.

He married to Antonina Mykhailivna Kravchuk in 1957. She also became the first lady of Ukraine. Unfortunately, Kravchuk is no more and the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet. It was reported that he had heart surgery in 2021. At his last, he was reportedly in ill health. His family confirmed that Leonid Kravchuk was suffering from a long illness. His death was confirmed by officials in Kyiv.


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