How did Lauren Verona die? Sunshine Coast Yoga Instructor Death: This is going to be very tragic death news of a yoga instructor who was also a mother who died recently. The yoga instructor was also a mother whose death has left many on the internet to be shocked. The name of the lady was Lauren Verona, who had just given birth to a beautiful girl Lucinda. Follow More Updates On

Lauren Verona

How did Lauren Verona die?

After Lauren had given birth she held her baby and shared the beautiful moment of connection between a mother and daughter and it was very empowering. Her husband Ryan Gaylard said that they were having skin-to-skin contact with each the as the mother had held her baby. They were hearing each other and Lucinda was as strong as ever and lifted her head so that they can have eye contact, as Ryan described.

It was a really breathtaking moment for those who had witnessed it. However, those beautiful moments were not even thought to be her last ever. No one could have thought of that. But, it did happen as the mother, Lauren died shortly after those beautiful moments.

Sunshine Coast Yoga Instructor Death

The moment was really difficult for Ryan to explain as she had lost her beloved on one hand and got a beautiful daughter on the other hand. That conflicting thought process must be really unbearable beyond imagination. The name Lucinda means light and she certainly is the ray of light for the family in these dark times. Lauren was an owner of a yoga instructor studio and was loved very much by the community members of the Sunshine Coast community. She gave birth to Lucinda at her home on June 8.

Ryan says that the birth was perfect and natural and was exactly how they had practiced. The couple had even taken a course of hypnobirthing that empowered Lauren to give birth to Lucinda very gracefully which was all they wished for. Lauren was really aware of her physical capabilities and was doing her best to move forward. She had calmly given birth to her baby, however, some complications arose after the birth.

Lauren Verona Death Cause

Lauren had suffered the rare condition of amniotic fluid embolism. In this condition, the blood from the womb of the mother enters her body and damages the body parts eventually causing an organ failure. The hospital staff mentioned that it would have happened no matter where she had given birth. It seemed inevitable and we cannot change what has happened. Let us hope that the family can get through this and that the baby girl Lucinda can grow up to be as beautiful as her mother.


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