How did Laura Schrankler die and what was her cause of death?: Laura Schrankler lost her life after being diagnosed with a heart attack. She was known as one of the greatest Speech-Language Pathologists. Follow More Updates On

Laura Schrankler

Who was Laura Schrankler?

Laura Schrankler was a speech-language pathologist. She was only 25 years old at the time of her death. The lady was known by a lot of people in the United States of America for her careful, kind, and giving nature. Laura Schrankler was working with the Minneapolis-St. Paul Area as a Speech Language Pathologist.

The lady spent her entire childhood in the Minnesota town of Cottage Groove. Laura Schrankler completed her graduation from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and took the degree of Masters from the University of Minnesota Duluth. According to the sources, Laura Schrankler died after having a heart attack on the 20th of Wednesday.

How did Laura Schrankler die?

On Wednesday, July 20, one of the family members of Laura Schrankler informed everyone about the sudden demise of the lady through social media platforms. However, the family member has not revealed the details of the funeral of Laura Schrankler and has said that the family would try their best to inform everyone about the funeral of Laura Schrankler.

In the statement by one of the family members of Laura Schrankler, it is written that Laura Schrankler was a loving person, she lived her life to the fullest and had given a huge impact on people she had ever met. All the members of the family and the friends of the lady are saddened to know about the sudden demise of Laura Schrankler.

Laura Schrankler Death Cause

Whenever one of the family members dies the other members of his or her family would always be left with a feeling of deep sorrow that never goes away and the other members of the family learn to bear their loss by the end of their demise. Currently, the family of Laura Schrankler is facing the same thing, they will only be able to see the lady in the photos or in the things that remind them of her, but they can never have her back.

In the current times, there has not been any kind of tribute by the family members of Laura Schrankler. However one of the known persons of Laura Schrankler posted the photo of the lady for the tribute through social media platforms. Some netizens have put their tribute to Laura Schrankler and praised the way she lived her life.


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