How did Julia Clark Downs die and what was her cause of death? Better Call Saul S6, Ep 9 Tribute Explained: Netizens are eager to learn about Julia Clark Downs. But who is Julia Clark Downs and why people are showing their interest in knowing about her? According to the source, the latest episode of the Better Call Saul season 6, Fun & Games, paid a tribute to Julia Clark Downs. Yes, Better Call Saul paid a tribute to her as she is no more. According to the reports, Better Call Saul paid her tribute because Julia Clark Downs had remained a contestant on the show. Better Call Saul never forgets to pay tribute to its contestants who are not with us on this planet. This is the reason netizens are curious to learn what happened to Julia Clark Downs and how did she die. In the following sections of this article, we will tell you the cause of the death of Julia Clark Downs and some personal info about her. Drag down the page for more. Follow More Updates On

Julia Clark Downs

How did Julia Clark Downs die?

Julia Clark Downs was from Albuquerque, New Mexico and she was a certified attorney. Apart from being a legal advisor, she was also an author who worked for the AMC series. Regardless, Julia Clark Downs worked in the District Attorney’s Office. According to the reports, Julia Clark Downs was associated with Better Call Saul to make the rules and story more interesting and genuine. She also helped out the Better Call Saul in the courtroom scene when Kim decided to quit.

Julia Clark Downs Death Cause

Reportedly, Julia Clark Downs died last year on 5th October and she perished after being involved in an accident. She was just 43 years of age at the time of her demise. But what actually went wrong due to which she died? Reportedly, she was struck by a motorist at high speed in Taos, New Mexico. The show paid tribute to her by airing a title card that allowed the viewers to read about her. Scroll down the screen for more.

Who was Julia Clark Downs?

As per the show’s title card, Julia Clark Downs was laid to rest at the Rivera Family Mortuaries located in Taos, New Mexico. Moreover, she was a married woman who was also a mother of her son named Gavin, 12 years old right now. Julia Clark Downs’s family resides in the Albuquerque Santa Fe Metropolitan region. She was the daughter of her parents, Clark Downs and Emile Downs. Julia Clark Downs was born on 25th May 1978. Stay tuned to this page.


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