Unfortunately, we going to tell you very sad news which may hit you and you will be shocked. The wife of Sen. Rounds has passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. the death has been confirmed and according to the details she was 65 years old when she left this world. He shared the statement with news media and after the statement, the death was confirmed. Here are the details that you should know about her and this sudden demise.

Sen Rounds wife dead

“The love of my life is with the Lord,” Sen. Rounds said in a statement Tuesday announcing that Jean had passed away that morning of sarcoma cancer. “No more treatments. No more pain. Just peace.” There are many other details available related this death and you should know all the details briefly here.

The available details say that she was undergoing cancer treatment since May of 2019. Doctors initially found a malignant, aggressive tumor near her sciatic nerve. Even she underwent multiple treatments and surgeries like Chemotherapy and surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. But even after lots of efforts and treatments, doctors found another tumor during the checkup in the year 2020.

Talking bout the death cause. So as you know she was died after battling Cancer. She got many surgeries and treatments but the medical facilities failed to save her life and today she left the world.

The couple met while attending South Dakota State University, where Jean Rounds earned a degree in office management. She worked at the State Government for 27 years and held positions at the university, the state planning Bureau and the Department of Transportation.

When the death news came on the internet all teh people were shocked and they shared their condolence over her death. Many people shared the posts including captions and pictures as well. Definitely, Rounds will miss her and because the couple spends huge time with each other so now the current time is so much difficult for the Rounds.

But he have to face this terrible time. As we know there are many details are remaining to be explored and we will tell you all the information later in a few hours. Stay get in touch with us because we will tell you the brief information about the upcoming news.


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