How did Gary Moeller die and what was his cause of death? American football coach dead at 81: Michigan and Detroit Lions have been some of the very best renowned football clubs and have created some of the best football players in history. However, they have not just created great players but have also had some of the best coaches in the world of football. One of them is the former coach that has served in both of those clubs and his name was Gary Moeller. Now, you may be wondering what might have been the reason that made me use the word ‘was’, well it was to imply that the coach, Gary Moeller, is no more. Yes, you heard it right, Gary died at the age of 81. Follow More Updates On

Gary Moeller

How did Gary Moeller die?

Ever since he passed away, there have been tributes pouring in from all over from his family, friends, and the players and the team that has been under his supervision at one point or another. Lloyd is also a coach that has worked with Gary and he paid his tributes and made a statement about him that said, “Gary Moeller was a great family man, great friend, great coach, and a man of integrity and high character”. Later on, Lloyd succeeded him as the coach of the Wolverines in 1995. He had a great amount of respect and admiration for Gary Moeller and loved him a lot as a person.

Gary Moeller Death Cause

Gary Moeller had also been to Ohio and joined the staff at Miami way back in 1967. That was able to get him a spot in the Buckeyes’ biggest rivals. There he was working under the guidance of Bo Schembechler for a period of two years and then he went with him to Ann Arbor as well. In 1973, he was able to rise to the ranks of defensive coordinator, and then he went on to be the guiding light of Illinois in 1977. He came back to the wolverines after a span of almost 3 years.

Who was Gary Moeller?

Schembechler retired in the year 1989 and this made Gary the head coach of the team. He worked for five years for Michigan and got them four bowl wins. He had been getting benchmark performances from the team and left a big mark in his field. He gave his resignation in 1995 given that there were reports of him being involved in an incident while being drunk at a restaurant. His comeback was as the coach of the Cincinnati Bengals in 1995 for two years. In 2000 he joined as a coach for Detroit and under his coaching, the team had a record of 4-3 and finished with 9-7.


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