Here we are sharing the news, that Eva Peron died on 26 July 1952, Buenos Aires. Durate was born in the small town of Los Toldos on the Argentine Pampas. Her parents, Juan Durate and Juana Ibarguren, were not married, her father had a wife and another family. Eva’s family faced financial problems and the situation worsened when Juan passed away when she was six years old.

How did Eva Peron Die

Let us tell you Eva attracted the attention of a rising star of the new government, Col. Juan Peron, and two married in 1945. Later that year he was expelled by a coup of the rival army and navy officers and briefly taken into custody.

How Did Eva Peron Die?

After his freedom from prison, Juan entered the presidential race. Eva was sporty in the campaign, and she had won the adulation of the masses, Whom she addressed as Los Descamisados. He was elected and took office in June 1946.

The public appearance had been made in June 1952 by Peron at her husband’s second inauguration. The following month, she succumbed to her health issues. Let us tell you she died due to cervical cancer in Buenos Aires on July 26 1952.

She had a sibling, and you know in him his name is Juan Ramon Durate. Another hand, she never held any kind of government post, Eva acted as de facto minister of health and labour, awarding liberal pay increases to the unions, who responded with political support for Peron.

Eva was mainly responsible for the passage of the women’s suffrage law and formed the Peronist Feminist Party in 1949. She is also known for compulsory religious education in all Argentine schools.

Although dying of cancer, she obtained the nomination for vice president, but the army forced her to withdraw her candidacy. After her demise Eva remained a formidable influence in Argentine politics.

He working-class followers tried unsuccessfully to have her canonized, and her haters, in an effort to exorcise her as a national symbol of Peronism, stole her preserve body in 1955, after that Juan Peron was overthrown, and secreted it in Italy for 16 years. Later, Juan died in office in 1974.

Two years later a new military junta hostile to Peronism detech the bodies. Eva’s remains were finally interred in the Duarte family crypt in Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires. Eva inspired various books and other works, both in Argentina and abroad. Notably, her life was the basis for the musical Evita. (1978), by Andrew Lyoyd and Tim Rice; it was later adapted into a Film(1996) starring Madonna. Stay tuned for more updates.


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