Recently, the death of 35 years old man become the most controversial topic on the internet. Now, the police officers are continuously searching for how the man has passed away. Some sources claimed that the man has been trapped in a fire at a cannabis farm in a lock-up garage.

How Did Ermal Qose Die

Ermal Qose, an Albanian national with no trace in the UK, was located by firefighters in Clapton, east London, on New Year’s Eve. He was immediately taken to the hospital but unfortunately, he died two days later.

How Did Ermal Qose Die?

A 33-year-old man was charged on New Year’s Eve on the apprehension of false detention and cultivation of cannabis and has been discharged under investigation. Not only this but another man of 26 years old has been arrested for manslaughter, false imprisonment, and cannabis cultivation but this man is still in the custody.

There are many authorities continuously searching to know more about the death of the person who died after two days even after taking into treatment in hospital. Now, we are providing all the information related to this matter as we know that many people are eagerly waiting to know some key details.

Talking about the official statement, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Rogers, of the Metropolitan Police said “Ermal tragically lost his life having been trapped inside the locked garage which was being used for the cultivation of cannabis when the fire broke out.

What Was Ermal Qose Cause of Death?

This is now a manslaughter investigation and although officers have spoken with a number of local people, I want to hear from members of the public who were in the area on New Year’s Eve or who have seen people coming and going from the garage”. So far, we are lack information but we are still in the investigation of this case.

The case is actually mysterious and the authorities are giving their best to find the actual reason behind the death of an Albanian man who was 35 years old. The police have taken their focus on this matter after the death of a 35 years old man who was trapped in a fire at a cannabis farm in a lock-up garage.

Now, it will be actually very important to know how the person has died and how the police officers will find the main accuse behind this case. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the current case.


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