College life is considered the second phase of life where students learn and make their careers in different sectors. During this time period, students also learn how to tackle crises as well as how to lead a team and so on. The news we are going to represent in this article ahead is based on college student’s life. A Nigerian college student Deborah Yakubu’s death news has become the headline of local electronic media as well as print media.

Deborah Samuel Yakubu Dead

Deborah Samuel Yakubu is from Nigeria and she is a college student. Deborah was completing her graduation degree from Shehu Shagari College of Education. She was murdered by her Muslim college mate. After the murder of Deborah, students are scared and people are saying that this is the worst side of human nature. In the name of God to kill someone and celebrate that is blameful. Even though they killed their classmate brutally. While chanting Allah Hu Akbar, those brainwashed human-created loveless trust is considered a dangerous ideology.

How Did Deborah Samuel Yakubu Die?

Nigeria is divided into two parts, the first in the Muslim north and the second Christian south. Most probably twelve out of thirty-six states have Sunni Islam. Yakubu was a Christian. She was alleged in the case of criticizing the Islamic Muhammad through her What’s App. On 2022, May 12, She was not found in the Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto.

There are many human beings who are taking the help of god name and committing illegal activities. According to some sources Atiku Abubakar’s name is under the spotlight because he has been charged with killing his classmate Deborah Samuel Yakubu. People are taking it and sharing it on the internet and adding fuel to the fire. While investigating her case, a cab was waiting outside of the college premises. The group of people beat her with the sticks as well as burned her body.

Who Was Deborah Samuel Yakubu?

There were many witnesses who had seen this with their eyes and while investigating this case the security forces tried a lot but all the efforts were worthless. The Governor of Sokoto showed his interest and ordered the college management to close the college for a while. The team of police sealed that area and college to investigate this case. The video of that incident is viral on the internet. Cops have taken this video as a shred of evidence and identified that person and arrested him. May her soul Rest in peace. Our deepest condolence to her family.


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