Unfortunately, we have lost a very versatile and reputed actor in Hong Kong. The sudden demise of Dean Shek has shocked many people all over the world. He was a veteran actor of the industry and worked in several movies. His work is still alive in one of the best movies named Drunken Master with Jackie Chan.

Dean Shek is dead

Apart from this, he worked in several other movies in which he left his mark on his viewers. His unfortunate demise stuns many people and his family members already mourn his demise. The loss from which his family members and loved ones are going through is very deep and hurtful.

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How Did Dean Shek Die?

The actor will never be forgettable as his work gives lots of unforgettable memories to all the viewers and fans. That actor captivated all the audience with his superb acting skills in every single movie. Also, become the owner of a huge fanbase.

This recent incident has broken all the fans, not only this, many fans are not even believing that Dean is no longer in this world. We are also very disappointed at this time that we have to share this sad news with all of you.

Talking about his personal life then he was born on 17th May 1950 and worked in the industry for many years. Unfortunately, we lost this star on 31st October 2021 and the main reason behind his sudden demise is cancer.

He appeared in several movies such as Drunken Master, Lung Sei in the 1987 film, A Better Tomorrow 2, and Snooker in the 1990 film, The Dragon from Russia. His work always makes his fans very excited to watch his superb and outstanding performance in the roles. Now, he will not appear in any new movie as the actor is no more alive among us.

Let us also tell you that Dean married Taiwanese actress Lau Chun-Yue and they both had several children together. The actor had also some hobbies in which cigars, golf, and coffee are included. The first announcement of his unfortunate death has been announced by actor Wilson Lam on social media.

Now, many people all over the world are paying rich tributes to the actor and giving lots of emotional messages to express their grief after hearing about this saddening news. Our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones as they are going through a very tough time. Dean Shek was actually a very talented and versatile actor who died of cancer at the age of 77.


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