How Did Corey Wieneke Die? Who Killed Him? Murder Details: 22-year-old Corey Wieneke who tried to live longer than a longer individual, death has become a mystery now. Corey Wieneke always lived the best of his life and used his popularity for doing charity in the small town of West Liberty in Iowa. The people who ever knew him, say that he always behaved like a brother to everyone he had ever met or seen. He used to have fun and was always so happy with his fiancee Jody Hotz. Corey Wieneke behaved to his family in a very sweet manner. Corey Wieneke used to work as a bartender in his family’s Wink’s Bar & Grill restaurant. Corey Wieneke was also a former high school football star. Follow For More Updates

Corey Wieneke

How Did Corey Wieneke Die?

On 13th October 1992, Corey Wieneke was found dead at his own house. Everyone was shocked to know about his demise because of murder. Corey Wieneke was known everywhere in his nation, as well as in the state he lived in. When the news spread, that he had left the world after his murder, everyone was traumatized.

Corey Wieneke

Corey Wieneke Murder

According to the sources, Corey Wieneke’s fiancee Jody called 911 on Tuesday evening when she returned back to home after work. Jody Hotz informed the Police that he was cold and bleeding brutally. He was not even breathing when Jody reached home.

Corey Wieneke

Corey Wieneke and his sister had made the schedule that Corey Wieneke would be in the Bar in the evening and his sister till the afternoon, but that evening he was not gone, instead, he was just lying on the floor with blood all over his body. After some time of the investigation, it had come to the media that Corey Wieneke was beaten with an aluminum baseball bat, and even from his house, nothing was missing until that day.

Who Killed Corey Wieneke?

When the investigation of Corey Wieneke’s case was in formation then the Police got to know, that Corey Wieneke’s life was taken between 9 AM to 1 AM, and the weapon he was beaten with got found just a few miles away from his home. The sudden demise of Corey Wieneke took place after his argument with his friend Annette.

During the investigation, Annette told the Police that she used to like Corey Wieneke and they were in a physical relationship, but the relationship did not last for so long, getting angry with Corey Wieneke she took the step of killing Corey Wieneke with an aluminum ball. Supreme Court of Iowa sentenced Annette to 50 years of imprisonment with the trial of parole after the age of 35.


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