The disheartening news is surrounding on social media where a newborn baby of a lady Mayra Isabel and Bryan Renteria has gone from this world. Yes, a new 1-month-old Bryan Renteria Jr. passed away unexpectedly last month on Saturday, October 16, 2021. The family belongs from Ontario, California.

bryan renteria

Currently, the family is going through pain as it was unexpected trauma for the family. Their loving child who was just born recently passed away. According to the sources, Bryan Renteria Jr. was born on September 1, 2021 and since then, a child was admitted to the NICU. Doctor says the baby was premature due to which, he was suffering from several complications and later, that’s become a cause of the baby’s demise.

How Did Bryan Renteria Jr Die?

Our prayers and condolence are with Mayra Isabel and Bryan Renteria who is going through a very difficult time. Mayra Isabel is a beauty influencer on social media. She has more than 575K followers on Instagram.

Since the news broke on social media, everyone wants to know that what was actually happened there, and therefore, they are searching for the cause of the baby’s demise that was unexpected. Many social media users are mourning the death of a baby. Here, we will provide you with every detail regarding the news.

According to the recent reports, When Myra Isabel suffered from the pain of her delivery, she was admitted to the nearest hospital. By-passing each moment, her pain was increasing and even, she lost herself for a moment. Then, hospital management informed that the time of delivery is too close and as soon as possible, she will give birth to a baby.

Doctor also said that the baby is premature because she gave him birth before the exact time. They added that the baby is weak than others. Doctors said that the parents will need to take care of him until he grows up.

Along with this, it is reported that when the condition of the baby went worse than before, she was rushed to the hospital. She hoped that he will be survived if doctors will do their best. During the treatment, the complication of a baby became worse and after a few moments, Bryan Renteria Jr. closed his eyes.

It is upsetting news for those who are reading this one. We can’t understand the pain of a mother and a father who lost their first baby but our prayers and support always stay with the family. The Baby was born on September 1st, 2021 at 05:32 AM whose wait was 1 lb 14oz 12.21in.


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