How did Barry Ronge die and what was his cause of death? South African journalist dead at 74: We are extremely saddened to announce this news with a heavy heart that columnist & arts journalist and South African film critic Barry Ronge passed away on 3rd July 2022 at the age of 74. His death news is confirmed by Albertus on 3rd July. His death has shocked a lot of people and social media is now filled with his death news and giving him tribute on the social media. If you don’t know about this multi-talented person, we have mentioned his bio, cause of his death, family background, and his personal information in the next section. Follow More Updates On

Barry Ronge

Who Was Barry Ronge?

He was born in 1948 in Hillbrow, Johannesburg and he grew up in West Rand. He completed his high school at Florida Park High School and completed his graduation from the University of the Witwatersrand. He started his career teaching students as a lecturer from the same university he passed out. But afterward, he moved to be an art journalist. In Sunday Times he has given the title for his best Spit & Polish column. He was also the host of a radio show named 702 radio and he served 27 years in this field his last column he wrote was on 23rd February 2014.

Net Worth Of Barry Ronge

As we shared his profession in the above section, so has earned a lot in the media field, though the exact net worth is not available on the internet we have estimated his net worth by seeing his previous bank data and we came to the result that his net worth was around $2 million per year. He also earned a lot of money online by teaching students online and on other apps. He had also given many donations to the students who were in the need of money which shows that he had helpful nature and loved to help people who were in need.

How did Barry Ronge Die?

As per information, he died on 3rd July 2022 in the arms of Albertus van Dyk who is her wife. The cause of his death is not revealed by his family till now, so we are waiting for his family statement. If we assume he was in his 70s and maybe he was suffering from any disease which killed him. His family & children are sad and people filled social media with his death news and also famous personalities are also giving tribute to him and his friends & relatives are also in deep pain after his death.


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