The entire Barton family is mourning the passing of their beloved family who has pronounced dead on May 20, 2022. According to the social media posts, Andrew Stewart Barton reportedly passed away at the age of 22. Currently, some grieving posts have been circulating on social media and many netizens are trying to know some important details about the cause of his death. He was a resident of Lakewood, Washington. Since the news of his death was confirmed, his loved and close ones are paying tributes and expressed their deep condolence to him. Keep reading to know more about Andrew Barton.

How Did Andrew Stewart Barton Die

According to the sources, there is no clarification that how Andrew Barton passed away but some social media posts are clearing that he died on May 20, 2022. Since his death news was officially confirmed on Facebook, his close ones and friends are mourning his death and expressing their deep condolence. It is hardest to believe that Andrew Barton is no more between us. Barton’s family is going through a difficult time as they lost their beloved family member. We express our deep condolence to his family and friends who are going through a difficult time. Keep reading to know more details about him.

Who Was Andrew Stewart Barton?

Let us tell you that Andrew Stewart Barton was a 22-years-old resident of Lakewood, Washington who unfortunately lost his life on May 20, 2022. There is no clarification that how did he die. He was born on March 14, 2000, in Lakewood, Washington. Along with this, he was graduated from Lakes High School in Lakewood and completed his BA in biology from the University of Portland in 2022.

With this, he was also teaching EMT at Unitek which is licensed in Washington and Oregon. Being a part of this, he also works as a paramedic at Metro West in Portland. He achieved several awards in his entire and also was an Eagle Scout with bronze and gold pam awards and an elected member of the Order of the Arrow, a BSA honor society. Maybe, he never affairs to sever to the country because he was also a First Aid Coach and Assistant Chief Scout for BSA Troop 71. He loves to enjoy mountaineering, tenting and campfires with friends.

How Did Andrew Stewart Barton Die?

Along with this, he was also a kayaker, YMCA lifeguard, knife maker, fly fisher, kickboxing coach, and captain of the West Sound Warriors ice hockey workers. Andrew always love to spend time with his friends and attends lecturing in most subjects. He will be always remembered by his loved ones and friends.


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