How did Andrew Cole die and what was his cause of death? Rugby Referee died: On Saturday, July 9, the rugby referee, Andrew Cole passed away cause of some kind of cancer. According to the reports, Andrew Cole lost his life while battling cancer. Follow More Updates On


Who was Andrew Cole?

Andrew Cole was an Australian Rugby referee. He worked on the development of policies that safeguard referees’ welfare while working in the World Rugby’s Match Official Selection Committee from 2012 to 2015.

Andrew Cole refereed around 31 rugby matches from 1997 to 2005. He had also been referred to the Rugby World Cup two times. He won the World Rugby Referee Award in 2021. Andrew Cole was a coach and a selector of many names of people, who were going to play in the Rugby match. The players Andrew Cole used to select had proven to be in the top names’ list.

Andrew Cole was married to Anne Maree and was blessed with three sons Michael, David, and Megan from whom he was having two grandsons. Andrew Cole was admired by a lot of people for his alluring way of officiating profession. He had put a deep impact on the players, and the forthcoming players. There is no doubt that Andrew Cole will keep on admiring a lot of forthcoming players.

How did Andrew Cole die?

Andrew Cole, the Australian Rugby referee was suffering from cancer for a few years, and at last, he lost his battle with cancer leaving his legendary, admires, family, and friends behind. However, Andrew Cole will always be remembered for who he had always been.

Tribute to Andrew Cole

All the admirers are saddened to know the sudden demise of the Rugby Referee, who lost his life in a battle with cancer. Sir Bill Beaumont, the chairman of the World Rugby put to his social media platform, that the committee of the World Rugby has lost the real gem of the family who had always given his 100% to each work he was ever assigned. Sir Bill Beaumont said in his social media post that Andrew Cole cared for the lives of all the members of the committee, and apart from his family and friends, he also cared about his community and the world he was living in. He was an excellent coach, selector, and match official.

Anne Maree, the wife of Andrew Cole, has also shared her remembrance post to her husband writing that they lived a happy life together. Andrew Cole always loved his wife and left no chance to prove his love for Anne Maree. Being in a family of eight people, there would always be a place for Andrew Cole. He was a unique man.


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