Every single minute there is any viral news available on the internet or any incident which goes viral. This time there is other news that goes viral then we want to tell you that an event happened in the previous few days.

astroworld fest

If you know about the Astroworld Fest then you must read this news because during the fest there were Eight people who died at the event. so let’s begin the article where you can get all the related updates on time.

Eight People Died at the Astroworld Music Festival

A Twitter user shared the video of the Astroworld Fest where 8 people died at the place. The actual reason behind the death is not yet identified. the investigation is finding teh cause behind this accident.

It is the most shocking news and everyone who gets this news is shocking and looking for the reason. We are also continuously looking for the same. Definitely, you will get the remaining information in this article soon.

The popular social media celebrity Kylie Jenner has also appeared in the news because she posted a video in the concert where the Ambulance going in the crowd. More than 50,000 fans had gathered during Scott’s performance at the festival outside NRG Park, reports ‘Variety’ quoting ‘Houston Chronicle’. As many as 23 people were hospitalised and more than 300 treated throughout the day.

After when the incident got viral over the internet that time a press conference took place regarding the tragedy. There were many things that were disclosed by the people. Immediately an ambulance rushed to the place and took all the injured people and went to the nearby hospital. But unfortunately, some death reported after this tragedy.

Social media is full of posts related to this accident. But among the various statement here is another statement that is very important to know by you. “It happened all at once. It seemed like it happened over the course of just a few minutes,” Executive Assistant Chief of the fire department, Larry Satterwhite, said.


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