Here we are sharing a piece of news with you. An Unknown Texas couple had decided to tap into their rings camera footage to check in on their daughter while they had gone away from home, but are faced with a nightmare of the situation. On 20 April in Pasadena, near Houston watched in horror because the footage showed their teenage daughter and two others being held face by two robbers. The couple published the security on Nextdoor, recorded by their ring security camera.

video viral

The video shows three teenagers being faced to put their hands and face down on the floor by the handgun and rifle-wielding invaders. At around 8:30 PM, the camera recorded the couple’s daughter, their niece, and a friend laying on the living room floor because two men wearing hooded sweatshirts pointed guns at them.

Horrified Texas Parents Capture Daughter get Held up at Gunpoint Video

The man with the gun hauled the niece by her hair and sent her out of the room while saying,” Get up, let’s go. The girl may be listening saying,” Where do you want me to go? The microphone then turned on, and the girl’s father shouted at the burglars,” Hey, who is in my house? I got you on camera! Then the girl’s mother joined in and shouted,” The police are on the way. The man with the handgun came back to the living room loaded with Stolen stuff. As the invaders walked out of the house, they shouted back, “Don’t pick your f**king head up or I’ll pop your a**!”

According to the Daily Mail, no suspects have been arrested yet, nevertheless, the Pasadena Police Department confirmed that a home invasion occurred and is being investigated. “Hi, neighbors this occurred in my home last night at about 8:40 PM. My daughter and her friend had been held at gunpoint by one young Hispanic male while the other went into my bedroom. My husband and I were not at home and I can not tell you what I felt seeing this on my ring app in real-time and not being able to help them.

it was very difficult for us to see because it was happening but I am posting his video like that if someone has any information, please let us know. I would like these people off the streets so they don’t do this to anyone else. I have reason to believe the girl in the video walking with them was involved. Stay tuned for more updates.


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