Finally, the new Honda CB500X has been launched in India. This is going to compete with the adventure bikes already launched in India. To explore the new Honda CB500X, let’s talk about the features of this motorbike. The design of this bike is inspired by the twin sharp lines it’s a parallel fuel-injected twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine that produces 47 horsepower tuned to deliver a strong mid-range torque that makes a powerful agile and efficient enough for all journey short and long. The new Honda CB500X has come up with the 471cc liquid cole panel with a twin-engine. This engine makes 43Nm of torque and 6500RPM. The slip and assist clutch makes easy and smooth gear changing. LED lights are used in headlight, indicator, and backlight.

Honda CB500X Images

The riding position is upright and relaxed with a seat that’s just 830 millimetres off the ground making it perfect for the shorter riders or off-road novices equally 41-millimetres telescopic ports and the Prolink rear monoshock offer smooth extended travel to absorb rough terrain while the 19-inch wheel with a grippy block tire treas gives you confidence on-road and off-road. A large 17.5 fuel tank provides you up to 300miles of range and when you do finally come to the halt your channel abs helps you to stop safely and confidently. It’s a bike but absolutely it’s something that you will commute on but on the gravel roads you can also experience a comfortable bike ride.

The CB500X is a huge success for Honda for this thing lighter is more and its off-road capabilities are brilliant. The 19-inch wheel will be beneficial for off-road trips and really comes into its own on the feel and attraction. This Honda CB500X is a smaller lighter adventure bike that is based on characteristics such as lightweight and produces 47 horsepower. The grip from the tires and the power delivery is smooth and predictable and all the way through the range well really adapts well to the road. You can travel at speed off-road style stood up having a bit of fun with it.

The curve weight of the bike is 197kg which makes it heavier and preloaded adjustable 14mm front suspension with 240 mm rear spring suspension. The front-wheel size will be 110 by 80 and the rear wheel size will be 120 by 60. You can also get off-road experience in this 500cc motorbike. The expected launch price in India would be 6.87 lakh. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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