Marvel’s Runaways S01. e10 “HOSTILE”

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Aired worldwide: January 9th, 2018


So now as the whole game has taken a new turn in the previous episodes where the kids have discovered the sight which was being used for the Pride’s own means in the name of school construction. The kids try to destroy the big fat ass drill machine and their parents show up at the last.

In this episode, the war continues as the kids decide to fight their parents but Jonah shows up and fights the kids. Kids try to fight back Jonah but it turns out to be pretty bad. Finally, Jonah’s powers are reviled in this episodes which turns out to be same as her Karolina where all the other parents find out the Karolina is Jonah’s daughter. Karolina gets hit and gets kidnapped by Jonah whereas the rest of the runaways hide. They make it into the woods outside L.A and Gert is forces to let go her dinosaur, named Old Lace.

The Runaways go undercover and an argument occurs after Karolina’s rescue and at last everyone agrees on rescuing her. Chase and Molly make it to the church of Gibborim where Karolina is kept under observation. Alex waits outside and overhears his parents talking about finding him by themselves. Laslie and The Yorkers discover that Jonah is digging something that is alive inside that big hole.

Leslie reveals that she was somehow responsible for Amy’s death and that she’s unsure of Frank’s loyalty. She manages to convince The Yorkers, Minorus, and Janet to join her in killing Jonah as now she has realized that he has done enough harm to everyone and now their children.

Alex makes a deal with Darius by telling everything about The Pride and in return, Darius gives $100 for him and his friends and gun. Unexpectedly Jonah is turning back into that ugly alien type monster as shown in the previous episodes and is a need of another sacrifice, on the other hand, he plans his next move with Frank over Victor’s body.

The runaways make it to the bus stand and reunited with old Lace (the small but not so small cute dinosaur) but are forced to run after finding out that they have been framed for Destiny’s murder.


  1. So, this season ended with the hell out of a suspense but, no need to worry Hulu has confirmed about the next season. Till then stay tuned



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