In this article, we are talking about the Hindi drama show “Kumkum Bhagya”. Today the episode begins with  Vikaram comes to Ranbir and he asks that he will help him and Ranbir says you are here, Vikaram says I know if you are helping to Praachi so she should be innocent and she has to be innocent because I give promise to Abhi. He said sorry behalf of the Pallavi and tell that his mother thinks from her mind. He asks her what happened with the investigation and asks her how can I help you. Abhi says there is no benefit because we don’t know what was happened on that day.

Kumkum Bhagya

He also said that id anyone thinks wrong about my feelings so I feel so bad and Prachi is like my family. Aryan says we are uttering about the same. Abhi says you make your friend a thief and made him steal his own money. Ranbir says that he felt it was easy to load. Abhi says that he will always stan for you and he is always available there to help them and after all, it is the matter of Prachi. Prachi came back to home. Pragya says you have to something at the morning that you give the resignation letter to them. She says they give us h job not to buy our life, we have to prove ourselves and clear the misunderstanding. Abhi says to Ranbir a little information related to this case is too important for us and he asks anything with you.

Ranbir says Prachi told him that in her house 3 unknown faces were entered. Prachi and many other peoples try to stop them but they took the knife on the neck and took the money then run away. He says that he sees them but they don’t look like a thief. He tells he went there for some work. Aryan says Ranbir has to go because Vikaram Chacha doesn’t pick the call. He tells that time he has time.

Abhi asks what will happen after that. Abhi says they don’t remember properly but when the come outside then they click the moon photograph because that they will know what was timing. He investigates the time and tells the time is approx 10:30 PM. Prachi says at this moment she will not leave her office because something happens there. For more updating written episodes stay tuned with and keep watching “Kumkum Bhagya” on Zee TV.



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