Do you know about the 14 Sep? if your answer is No, then I would like to tell you detailed information about this important day in our Indian culture and history. As you know this is one of language in the world which represent Indian culture and Indian Essence. This is Hindi! and the important thing is ‘The Hindi Diwas’ is coming. Did you know? in our Indian history, we celebrate 14 September as ‘Hindi Diwas’. take a look at the facts and when did Indian govt. decides the 14 Sep will be celebrated as Hindi Diwas.

hindi diwas

if we talk about the history of this day. In the year 1949 as per the Indian Constitution, there is an article 343 (1) in Indian Constitution. where this point is clarified that the 14th September will be as Indian Hindi Diwas. The government took this step to protect the existence of this language. if we talk about total languages in India. there are nearly 27 languages where Hindi and English are two major languages spoken by around most peoples. from the data collection, there is nearly 27 crore population speaks the English language and 32 crore population speaks Hindi.


If you want to know why Hindi Diwas is created. first, we should find the reason why it is created. as we described in the last paragraph there are nearly 27 languages in our country and some of the languages are being extinct with passing time. To protect the existence of Hindi. the government decides to make it the national language of India and the contextual is ‘Devnagri’. it also called as the Mother tongue language of India. which is the first language after ‘Sanskrit’.

hindi diwas1hindi diwas1

Celebration of this day

It is celebrated in every education place eg: School, College and Education places. In Schools, all the students prepare something for this day, teachers and seniors educate them about the values of this language. and the importance of this language in this Century.


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