In recent days, the crime rate has been increasing around the world and most of the crimes are taking place on the Internet which is taking huge attention of the netizens. According to recent sources, an inappropriate video has gone viral on social media and netizens are going excited to know about this crime.

hidayat khilji video

We have told about various videos and inappropriate videos on social media and as per the recent sources, a video of a girl has been leaked online and the police also arrested two suspects for blackmailing the girl. It was reported that the individuals were arrested after they forced the girl to record improper videos.

Hidayat Khilji Leaked Video

Later, the video was leaked on social media and watched by millions of watchers. Let us tell you that the crime of leaking someone’s improper video has been increased around the world. When the video has captured the attention of the police, they found the reality behind the leaked video and it was found that the video was recorded by the suspects.

While the reports say that they are brothers and involved in this crime. The Law enforcement agencies have detained them and later, the videos were found on their laptops and other electronic devices.

Who Is Hidayat Khilji?

There are no updates that when the video was leaked online but when the video was suffered and watched by millions of people around the world, it also captured the attention of police and they investigated this matter. Now, these videos have been sent for forensic examination.

Along with this, police also contacted the FIA cybercrime department for help to investigate this case and find to from where, the video was uploaded and later, it was tracked. Since the video went viral on social media, people are searched for as Hidayat Khilji Quetta.

Along with this, the girls have been identified as Parveen and Shireen. The incident took place in Afghanistan. The mother of the girl was reached to the Police station on December 2, 2021, and registered a case against Hidayat Khilji.

She said that he has been blackmailing for the last two years. When police arrested Hidayat Khilji and also found more than 200 videos in his phone. Many videos has been shared online on several websites.

According to the sources, Hidayat Khilji was a counselor. When the police got to know about his Facebook account, they found some photos of Hidayat Khilji holding guns and having an awful friend circle.

He claimed himself as DJ. She also filed this complaint two years ago where the lady confirmed that he was her husband. Later, the girl Parveen also shared a video on social media who is claiming that Hidayat Khilji is innocent.

Well, some of the sources are claiming that the girls were forced to create this video on social media. Now, the investigation is underway and police are trying to find out the reality behind this incident.


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