For any trend or hit song on social media, you may know about these things from various trending platforms such as Instagram Reels, and Tik Tok. Everyday, several trends goes viral among fans but only a few trends captures the attention of the audience and now, there is another trend among Tik Tok users.

tiktok song trends

There is no kind of dialogue or any words from any place, it is a popular hit song by American singer Akon and the name of the song is “Hey Ladies Drop It Down” from 2005. Now, the song has become a part of the Tik Tok platform and trending among users.

The users use different variations of the songs like remixes and slow version to make some new and fresh dancing video content. Tik Tok is a platform all about dance, challenges, and trends. To make a trend on social media, Tik Tok is the most relevant and amazing platform in the world right now because most of the people have been using this platform.

Some new songs and as well as some old songs are also achieving heights of fame on Tik Tok. So, let’s talk about the new trend in this topic and let us explain the song.

Hey Ladies Drop It Down: Song Trend on TikTok

As per the sources, Hey Ladies Drop It Down aka Bananza (Belly Dancer) is one of the most popular song written and sung by Akon in 2005. The song was released on June 27, 2005, and there is some more popular writer of the song such as Neville Staples, Terence Hall, Lynval Golding, and Aliaune Akon Thiam.

The song was already recorded in October 2023 and at the time of release, the song reached to No. 5 on the UK Single Chart and was also seen on the Billboard Hot 100 on Number 30. On the other side, Bananza’s (Belly Dancer) music was uploaded on Youtube on June 17, 2009, and at the current time, the song has over 29 million views and around 263K likes on Youtube.

The trend started to spread after a user named Kaisvoid uploaded this song on Tik Tok on November 19, 2021. Along with this, the fans can also check the lyrics of the song on various platforms.

Those who don’t know the name of the song called it as Hey Ladies Drop It Down Dance Challenge. By using this trend, people are showing their Belly Dancer moves while some people are sharing some other kinds of moves. Many people have already uploaded their dance move by using the song on social media and if you are also excited for the trend, you can also creat your own content and share it on social media.


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