Here we are sharing the sad news with you that Celi passed away. This news is very sad for her family. According to the sources, she was a  kind-hearted person. She has done great work in her life. But this incident was very shocking for her, her family, and those who love her. The tragic phase has been come in her life by this accident. That was very sad sorrowful.

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She was a very helpful ful woman. A heroic Brooklyn nanny was struck by a truck as she pushed a boy, who was 1 year old. She was caring for to safety has died of her injuries, relatives and the child’s family said Saturday. Here we will give you all the information about this news.

Hero Brooklyn Nanny

As we have been told Celi passed away due to an accident, she dies at the age of 52, on Friday after being in a medically-induced coma since December 20. Unfortunate Celi was unable to survive the injuries and she left the world earlier today surrounded by love, comfort, and family,” the 68-year-old truck driver after the accident, however, no charges were filed immediately.

Rahzel believes the motorist should be criminally charged and intended to reach out to detectives to search the status of the investigation. The police are doing their work on this case for doing further investigation.

When the accident happened, Celi was rushed to the hospital, where she immediately underwent brain surgery.” Patrick Mullen, The father of the boy Muschamp was anxious for wrote on a GoFundMe post assemble money for the mother of two’s medical care. “his wife and he will forever consider her the guardian angel of their son Rowan, whom she saved through her actions and sacrifice.

Muschamp’s daughter Rahzel Muschamp told that her mother was the most selfless person ever and that shows with her actions, On Saturday, confirming her mother’s death. “She truly loved the kids she looked after her. She looked at her cellphone and she looked at 60% pictures of kids, That shows she loved these kids so much.” Brother of Muschamp’s brother Tito, who lives in Belize, confirmed his sister’s demise on Facebook.

The public wants justice, she told ” This is hard to understand that someone will get away with killing someone. We pray for her, God gave peace to her soul. Stay connected for more updates.


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