Why were Helen Simmons and Matthew Jones Arrested In California? Robbery Charges: An incident took place on 12th July in which two boys named Helen & Matthew went to a jewelry store in Anthem and they injured a victim badly. They also did shooting at the store but no one get killed by that. Now, these two culprits are arrested on 16th July. Now, this news is getting in the top headlines and many people are searching for this news to know all about the incident. If you are one of them you are in a right place, we have collected detailed information about this incident which is mentioned below. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Helen Simmons and Matthew Jones Arrested

What Happened In California Jewellery Store?

According to the Maricopa Country Sheriff’s Office, they said two boys named Helen Simmons & Matthew Jones went to the Jewellery shop around 6:00 PM on Saturday in California. They attempt the robbery & shooting at the Andrew Z Diamonds & Fine Jewellery which is near West Anthem Way. As per the information, they both went to the store on a motorcycle and both of them had worn the full black costume with a helmet so no one can recognize them. They shoot but no one got affected by that only one salesperson of the store got and he was immediately sent to the hospital and now he is well.

Are Helen Simmons and Matthew Jones Arrested?

On 16th July they were arrested by the police of the California Huntington Beach Police Department following the car chase. The chase started around 1:26 AM near Huntington Beach they were in the streets but after some time they moved to freeways. The police chased them for an hour but they returned to Anaheim Hills two officers called the police of that area and they ordered them to close the area which insects with Va Corral & East Canyon Rim Road around 2:50 AM.

Charges On Helen & Matthew?

They are charged with armed robbery & shooting at their Jewellery Store. As said by Bretado that Helen is held for a $500,000 bond and Matthew is being on a $1,000,000 bond for MCSO charges. There will be a hearing and the date is not released by the court. As they injured a man in this robbery they have to spend years in jail but as they are just teenage so the judge can decrease their charges. We will update you about this news when a piece of updated information will come on the same. Till then stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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