In the European Women League 2021, we have HC Dunarea Braila discorded off against Siófok KC at The Danube Sports Hall Braila.In International EHF Cup, Women Handball League – 2020-21, KC (SIO-W) is going to be opposite the team Dunarea Braila (HDB-W). The match prediction for the dream team HC Dunarea Braila (HDB-W), which belongs to Group-D.This is going to be the third match for HDB-W.

They played a total of two matches where they won one match and the other was a tie They have taken the second position within the league standing. They scored three points in their account. The team has played their first match against the team Fleury Loiret handball on 10th January. In this match, HDB-W has scored 29 goals, and the opposite team has scored 27 goals. It leads to a victory for the HDB-W team. They played their second match opposite the team Kuban Krasnodar on 17th JanuaryBoth the teams managed to score the same 25 goals in their account and the match led to a draw for both the teams. They played well and managed to continue their streak. And it will help them to move to the first position.

HDB-W VS SIO-W Live Score

Match: SIO-W VS HDB-W, Women Handball League 2020-2021
Date: 23rd January 2021
Time: 06:30 Pm
Venue: Europe

The match prediction for team Siofok KC (SIO-W) in International EHF Cup, Women–Handball League. This team belongs to Group-D. The team has played a total of two matches and holds the second position. The one match they have won and another one was a tie. Now this will be the third match for the SIO-W in EHF Cup, Women -2020-21. The team played their first match on 9th January with Krasnodar. During the match, both teams managed to score 28 goals in each of their accounts.

And the match led to a draw for both the teams. In the second match, they played against the team Fleury Loiret Handball on 17th January. the team SIO-W has scored 35 goals and the other team has scored 24 goals only. After winning this match team SIO-W has streak one. Now the team required to continue their streak in the upcoming matches. Now viewers need to watch if they will continue to remain top within the entire tournament.

Team Season Record

SIO – W-1, D-1
HDB – W-1, D-1

SIO vs HDB Match Prediction

Today’s Dream11 Prediction is mainly for the dream teams HC Dunarea Braila (HDB-W) and Siofok KC (SIO-W) in International EHF Cup, Women Handball – 2020-21 on 23rd January at Braila. Between HDB-W and SIO-W, the SIO-W team has a higher chance to win this match on the basis of their previously played matches.


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