Are you ready to watch another match of the popular handball league, German League 2021-22? The fans are ready to watch this outstanding match of the league once again and it will be interesting to watch all the teams together in this league. Tonight, the league is back with another match and it will be interesting to watch this match because there are lots of teams who have played many matches, and again, the league is back.


According to the scheduled time, team HC Erlangen (HCE) and team TVB Stuttgart (STU) will face off each other on the handball court once again. As we can see from the table point of the league, all the teams have played more than 11 matches.

Well, every team has faced every team of the league and finally, both teams will face again each other on the handball court and it seems that team HCE will play the 13th match while the rival team will play the 12th match of the league. It will be interesting to watch all the teams together in the league.

Finally, the day has come for all the fans of handball who have been waiting to watch this match and we can call it a battle because both teams are ready to play another match of the league and fans can support their favorite team on the court.

HCE vs STU: Match Details

  • Team Names:- HC Erlangen (HCE) vs TVB Stuttgart (STU)
  • League:- German Handball League
  • Venue:- Arena Nuernberger Versicherung, Nuremberg
  • Date:- Thursday, November 25, 2021
  • Time:- 11:35 PM IST

HCE vs STU: Team Squad

HC Erlangen (HCE):- Patrik Leban, Christoph Steinert, Maximilian Jaeger, Tim Zechel, Hampus Olsson, Jonas Poser, Benedikt Kellner, Janis Boieck, Antonio Metzner, Tarek Marschall, Klemen Ferlin, Simon Jeppsson, Sebastian Firnhaber, Johannes Sellin, Yannik Bialowas, Nico Budel, Petter Overby, Nikolai Link, Christopher Bissel, Steffen Fath, and Martin Ziemer.

TVB Stuttgart (STU):- Dominik Weiss, Patrick Zieker, Jerome Muller, Sebastian Augustinussen, Sascha Pfattheicher, Zarko Peshevski, Alexander Schulze, Benjamin Meschke, Egon Hanusz, Nico Schottle, Andri Mar-Runarsson, Luis Plymford Foege, Max Hafner, Tobias Thulin, Adam Lonn, Viggo Kristjansson, Primoz Prost, Fynn-Luca Nicolaus, and Samuel Rothlisberger.

HCE vs STU: Lineups Players

HC Erlangen (HCE):- Sebastian Firnhaber, Johannes Sellin, Christopher Bissel, Klemen Ferlin, Simon Jeppsson, Patrik Leban, and Christoph Steinert.

TVB Stuttgart (STU):- Viggo Kristjansson, Dominik Weiss, Patrick Zieker, Zarko Peshevski, Alexander Schulze, Tobias Thulin, and Adam Lonn.

HCE vs STU: Match Predicton

Both teams are ready to face off each other on the handball court and it will be interesting to watch these teams in front of each other. Some of the fans are also want to know which team has more chances to win this match so, team HCE is standing on the 8th spot with 12 matches where they won 5 matches and lost 5 matches as well.

On the other side, team STU is standing on the 17th spot with 11 matches where they just won 2 matches and lost 8 matches. We can also see the performance of the teams and it seems that team HCE has more chances to win this match tonight.


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