Who Is Hayden Panettiere’s Daughter Kaya? Age, Instagram, Photos, and, more!: This time we are going to be discussing the revelation that was made by Hayden Panettiere. She said that she is on good terms with her daughter, Kaya. The revelation has come after a very long time as she had been suffering from an addiction to opioids and liquor. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Hayden Panettiere's Daughter Kaya

Who Is Hayden Panettiere’s Daughter Kaya?

The 32 years old Nashville star has a young daughter who is just 7 years old. The daughter had been living with her ex-fiancé Wladimir Klitschko. Wladimir is aged to be around 46 years old and he mentioned the fact that Kaya still loves her mother and is very eager to see her again, in an interview. The mother added, “‘She has a beautiful life. I was just with her. She’s just an amazing child. She’s smart and she’s funny and for whatever reason, she still loves me”.

Hayden has to make the tough decision of letting her daughter live with her Wladimir because she was severely addicted to alcohol and the consumption of pills. It must have been hard but it was the best decision she could have taken for her daughter.

She said, ‘It was the hardest thing I could do,’ as she went on her journey of rehabilitation. She added, “But the best thing for my daughter was to make sure she was OK, take care of myself and make sure I could be a good mom to her. And sometimes that means letting go”. This just goes to show the love and care she had for her daughter that gave her the strength to fight off her addiction and come back to her as a good mother that she can look up to.

Hayden Panettiere’s Daughter Kaya

Hayden had been in an interview in which she had talked about her addiction and the struggles she had to do in order to get rid of it. The interview is available on the internet and you can watch it there, it is roughly around 15 minutes long. We will be briefing you on the video if you want to save some time.

She revealed that her drug abuse started at the young age of 15 and then she started going out of control. She was suffering from severe depression as well after she had given birth to Kaya. She also mentioned that her depression and consumption of alcohol and drugs had been ruining her life which made her decide that she will move away from her daughter and send her to her father who was living in Ukraine.

She then gathered the strength and tried to fight off her addiction and went into rehab for 8 months. It was there that she could find the light to fight away the darkness in her life. Hayden is a role model to all those who think that their lives are over and they can’t continue. I am sure that she must be an inspiration to many.


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