Another heart-wrenching video coming from Hathras district in Uttar Pradesh. In 2018, a girl was molested by a man, who also shot her father with bullets after an argument on Monday evening. After he killed her father then it was also clear that her father filed a case against the man whose name is Gaurav Sharma in 2018. After the case irritates Gaurav Sharma then an argument took place on Monday evening that becomes the cause of the murder of the girl’s father by gunshot.

Hathras Rape Case: Accused Man Shot Dead Of Survivor Father Check Video & Images

The sources also tell that Gaurav Sharma was with his six friends or relatives who argued the father of the girl. The accused shot him in the temple, on his chest, and back, the mournful girl was heard saying in the video. The police said that the girl and her father were going to the temple where Gaurav Sharma also visited with his wife and aunt. At the place, the families of both fought with each other and a huge argument over the case took place between the families.

The police said that “Accused and the man [deceased] soon arrived at the temple and had an argument”. The man was injured after being hit by gunfire and could not emerge from the injuries. When the girl reached the hospital then she found him dead. After seeing her father in such a critical condition, she hardly manages to speak in a video. In the video, she urged the police to take strict actions against the accused who molest her and killed her father. The support from the people and the local residence of the state is with the daughter of the deceased because it was totally wrong that happened with the girl and her father.

In the video, the girl saying “I want justice, please. Please give me justice First he did Chhedkhani (molestation or eve) with me, and then when my father filed a case against him, he killed him. He shot my father in the temple, chest, and back. Why did he have to shoot him in the chest”. The UP Police arrested one of the accused whose name is Lalit Sharma. Also, the police said that the other accused would be arrested very soon, and at the same time, they would get very strict punishment for committing these shameful activities with a girl. So, stay connected with the same page to get the details related to the incident that happened in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh.


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