Bengali Stand-up comedy show ‘Haiswala and Company’ going to amaze its audience through the upcoming grand finale night thriller of this show. It is officially confirmed that the show is finally reached this most awaited moment where we will get the 2020-21 winner. The finalist is ready to face each other with the utmost humouristic performance better than before. So let’s come with us to know about the GRand Night of Haiswala and Company the stand-up comedy show. The show is all about stand-up comedy and entertains the audience by cracking extraordinary jokes.Hasiwala and Company

After the many eliminations round and eviction of participants, there are only six contestants are remaining to compete today. The winner of this show will come out of these six so get ready to predict your favorite one as the winner of this show. Here is the list of these six contestants who are set to face this challenge. All these contestants have performed consistently well in the past and left the judges rolled with their sense of humor.

  • Tania
  • Tanmay
  • Krishna
  • Palash Banerjee
  • Saheb Maji
  • Subhasish

Do you know? In this show the age of contestants doest matters and that’s why every age group participant can compete in this stand-up comedy championship. The show is filled with the most talented comedian from across the state. There is an ensemble cast that manages the show very smoothly.

Hasiwala and Company have three famous personalities as hosts who are actors as well U Sengupta, Kharaj Mukherjee, and Ambaraish Bhattacharya. Besides, the performance of contestants the hosts also entertain the audience in every episode.

In this stand-up comedy show, you will see there are various popular personalities. The veteran actor Rajatava Dutta previously judge the comedy show ‘Mirakkel Akkel Challenger’. The other two personalities are Aparajita Adhya and Ankush Hazra also the part of judges.

Currently, the show will be replaced by the upcoming dance show ‘Dance Dance Junior Season 2’ Which is set to be premiered from a will featuring the legendary veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, Dev, and Monami Ghosh. So as per our recommendation you should enjoy this upcoming grand finale of the Hasiwala and Company. You can watch this show on Disney+Hotstar in your comfortable place.


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