Google Search has become the need of the time. At this point of situation, where the searchers have tremendously turned to this go-to app. The people have more actively started looking for the news updates and happenings around the world, of course, the usual searches are going on as well. As, the world is dealing with a pandemic situation and at this point when people want themselves to update every day, what would happen if this search engine stops showing up something new to you? And, it’s exactly what happened. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a few hours only.

In the past couple of days, the giant started facing some issues, which new content majorly relies on, Indexing that can hit a major portion of the traffic. Two days back, a Google Search blunder stopped the new site pages and articles from being appropriately listed. The issue was highlighted by the major publishing sites Wall Street Journal and SearchEngineLand whose content Google generally indexes in real-time. However, this time, Google is not showing these stories or URLs in the index. Google Search Console just shows that the page isn’t listed.

google indexing

This isn’t the only time Google’s indexing significant issue in late memory. In May, Google Search indexing went on to a complete halt, with no websites appearing in the instant searches for sites or news. Around then, Google had the issue resolved within a few hours. Though, this case has taken a long time for those websites which consistently update new content to burst the news to its searchers started lacking the traffic on their website.

However, the good thing was, some website owners pressed their complaint and thankfully Google was aware and the issue had been escalated to the right people. Danny Sullivan who works for Google responded to a complaint about this on Twitter. And, some of them already started to see some pages being indexed again, so it’s possible the fix was already started.

And finally, Google fixed whatever issue there was. And, the new content is being published within an hour that Google was not indexing or showing in the Google search results. Now Google seems to be indexing new and fresh content within minutes like it normally does for the news sites.


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