A piece of very unfortunate and heartbreaking news has been surfaced on the internet that Under-23 National Level Wrestler Nisha Dahiya has been shot dead. Along with the wrestler, her brother of 18 years old was also being shot dead. But, the news is fake that the wrestler and her brother have been killed.

nisha dhaiya

Nisha herself claimed that she is fine after she see that some false allegations surfaced on the internet in which some people start paying rich tributes to her. The news of her death is false and she is fine in Gonda to play senior nationals.

Local Wrestler Nisha Dahiya and Brother Shot Dead

The previous theory claimed that Nisha and her brother has been shot dead. Later, Nisha Dahiya took to Twitter and said “I am in Gonda to play senior nationals. I am alright. It’s fake news (reports of her death). I am fine”. She said everything in a video message in which she appeared well.

The video has been released by the Wrestling Federation of India. The incident become complicated as News Agency PTI had earlier flashed that U-23 World Championship Bronze-medallist has been shot dead. Later, they also clarified that the girl who died in the shooting is a newcomer Nisha Dahiya, not the champion.

Talking about the incident, it happened in Halalpur village located in Sonipat, Haryana where a 20 years old Nisha Dahiya who was a newcomer in the wrestling world has been shot dead. Her 18 years old brother Suraj Dahiya was also shot dead in Sonipat on Wednesday. Not only this, but the attack was terrifying that cause their mother seriously injured.

Later, their mother accused the coach and his teammates of killing her both children. The police confirmed that Nisha’s mother is undergoing treatment and his father is CRPF Inspector posted in Srinagar. After the incident happened, Nisha’s mother Dhanpati accused coach Pawan of misbehavior and molestation.

Nisha’s mother Dhanpati, narrates the whole ordeal and said that Coach Pawan misbehaves with Nisha several times and they also raised their voice against him. On the day of her death, she went to the academy at 1 PM but after some time Pawan calls her mother to come academy as Nisha’s health is not too good.

After that, her father and brother reached the place but they saw Pawan, his wife, and about two other people were running towards Nisha. Later, Pawan took out his gun and opened fire on Nisha and then Nisha’s mother. In the incident, Nisha and her brother were killed at the hands of Pawan. Currently, Pawan and his family are absconding and police trying to trace them.


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