Looks like Haryana is fed up with increasing cases of virus in the state, that is why it is taking out strange measures to stop it. In order to prevent the corona virus infection, strange conditions were found on the Delhi Haryana border on Wednesday. To prevent the movement of people, some roads were dug and only people with passes were allowed to enter.

On Wednesday, some roads in the village adjacent to Haryana of Najafgarh were dug up by the Haryana government. According to villagers, bulldozers arrived on the same evening and roads were dug up. This was done to stop anyone using these roads and particularly the people of Delhi should not enter Haryana.

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Haryana has also sealed all the borders that connect to Delhi. Entry points of four districts of Haryana including Faridabad, Gurugram, Sonipat and Jhajjar districts were closed that led to the stoppage of movement on 18 roads connecting Delhi. A strong impact of this obstruction was seen on the Delhi-Gurugram border. Many people going to Gurugram from Delhi had to return. On the Delhi and Faridabad border many vehicles were stopped at the border after 12 noon on Wednesday. No entry was given to anyone without the passes issued by the central government. Vehicles with only essential items were exempted.

Looking at the increasing number of cases in Delhi, all the borders have been tightened. The number of forces has also been increased on all the borders. There will be more restrictions on the movement of people towards the boundaries of the district, especially towards Delhi from 10 am on May 1. The order in this regard was issued by District Collector and District Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri on Thursday. Another change is being said in which it has been said that for those working in Gurugram, but they are not residents here, the management should make arrangements to stay in Gurugram itself. At the same time, people who work elsewhere outside the border of Gurugram district but they are residents of Gurugram, such people should also arrange for their accommodation there from the respective management.

Those already granted permission will be able to cross the border as per the exemption given by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Apart from these, if it is very mandatory, permission will have to be obtained from the District Collector office for crossing the border, which will be given based on the intensity of the requirement.


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