Haroo Azimio Video: A video of comedian TikTok named Joe Nyokabi went viral on social media and that video became a gamechanger in his career as he got a chance to meet the Kenya presidential running candidate named Martha Wangari Karua. It is being reported that before the viral of his video Joe Nyokabi was struggling a lot financially but after the viral of his video the fate changed and he became a TikTok star overnight when people loved his mimicry of a promising presidential running candidate Martha Wangari Karua. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Haroo Azimio

Haroo Azimio TikTok Video

Meanwhile the high-profile or probably the nation’s next face also acclaimed him for his comedy and mimicry. Now Joe Nyokabi’s video is trending on TikTok which has garnered millions of views and likes and became a game-changer video in Joe’s career. You are advised to follow the further section to learn more about Haroo Azimio’s video. Kindly scroll down the page and have more about this topic.

In the recently went viral video Joe Nyokabi is being seen doing mimicry of Martha Wangari Karua who is running for the presidential election in Kenya. The comedian mimicked how Martha Wangari Karua pronounces Azimio La Umoja and Hallo when she interacts with the crowd during her rallies for the presidential election campaign. This video picked people’s attention and later this video was also seen by Martha Wangari Karua. And this became a game-changer in his career.

Haroo Azimio Video Viral

After seeing the mimicry skills of Joe Nyokabi, Martha Wangari Karua called him and also spare time to recreate the viral video together. Joe recreated how Martha Wangari Karua greets the people during her rallies and Joe also mimicked Martha Wangari Karua’s accent of saying Azimio La Umoja and Hallo. After recreating the video of Martha Wangari Karua, Joe Nyokabi witnessed an upward trend in his social media account’s growth.

Now he is enjoying a golden period of his career as people are loving his videos and watching all his old and previously uploaded videos. Scroll down to learn more about Joe. After the viral of Joe’s mimicry video, an activist shared pictures of the comedian and stated that he was struggling a lot to make both ends meet and now he has managed to meet both ends meet. As per the source, Joe also had no job before the viral of his video but now he has become a TikTok star. Stay tuned to this page.


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