Recently, news of viral videos has been coming in front of everyone. A very popular name Hareem Shah appearing also getting much attention from the audience. So, a video of her dance went viral on the internet, and many people giving their love to her mesmerizing dance steps.

hareem shah video

The beautiful social media personality appearing in this video and collecting a huge round of applause from the netizens. The name is widely popular among the people and she containing such a huge fan base. Now, her video enhancing her following by taking several rounds on the internet.

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Hareem Shah Leaked Video

Before talking about the viral video, you have to know more details about the personality. So, Hareem Shah is a Pakistani social media personality, active on TikTok. She becomes highly famous for posting some exceptional and alluring videos and pictures on her official social media platforms.

She is well known for her stage name Drama Queen, political Hoe. She already gained wide popularity because of her sensational videos. Not only this, but in a previous incident also, her name had taken a huge leap in the illegitimate relationship with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

The girl is actually very famous with a huge fan following. Let us also tell you that she married on 28th June 2021 to Pakistan People’s Party leader. At the time of their honeymoon, another video went viral on the internet. Yes, Hareem Shah Honeymoon Video actually gained huge attention from the audience, and many people watched the video.

Hareem Shah Dance Full Video Viral

Actually, the video is very adorable. Now, her one more video in which she dancing with her best skills to allure every fan on the internet. This video also getting lots of rounds on the internet and regularly going viral.

Let us tell you that she was born to Zarar Hussain and studied at a religious school. Later, she completed her Masters of Philosophy in Competitive Religion at the University of Peshawar. She received a response to her comments after a video recording of her conversation with federal minister Sheikh Rashid was leaked.

Her name never takes any break from controversies and she continuously emerged in some incidents that happened in Pakistan. Currently, Hareem Shah Dance Video went viral on the internet and continuously taking lots of rounds. So, if you want to watch her full viral video then you have to search for it.


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