Diwali is the popular festival of India we always thinking that it is celebrated by one or two-state but today we will reveal that it is celebrated except India with different names. Nepal is one of the country, Where Diwali is celebrated as Tihar every year with such amazing emotions. Tihar is widely known in the Nepal region and today we will going to unveil the package of happiness with Nepal essence in this beautiful festival which strong your relations and lightning up your life.

Happy Tihar 2077/2020 Quotes Images Whatsapp Status Dp Pictures Celebration Ideas

Meaning of Tihar

It is five days long festive season that includes a different day with a different meaning. The first day Tihar is Kaag Tihar, the second day of Tihar is Kukur Tihar, the third one is Gai Tihar and Lakshmi Puja, the fourth day of Tihar is called Govardhan Puja. On this day, everyone celebrates Goverdhan puja which is widely popular in Asia because of lord Krishna strength against lord king Indra. The fifth and most important day of Tihar is called Bhai Tika. This day is dedicated to the brothers and sisters bond. On this special occasion Sisters put seven colour tika on the forehead of her brother and along with it sisters offers sweets to her brother. The activity represents the auth by brother to always take care of his sister and protect her from every problem.

Here now we will be going to share some Quotes and wishes which you can use to share with loved once. Use these wishes to wish your friend and family on this Tihar 2020.

Happy Tihar 2077/2020 Images

Happy Tihar 2077/2020 Quotes Images Whatsapp Status Dp Pictures Celebration Ideas Happy Tihar 2077/2020 Quotes Images Whatsapp Status Dp Pictures Celebration Ideas

Happy Tihar Quotes Wishes 2077/2020

तिहारको शुभकामना सबैमा
यो तिहार ले
ज़िन्दगीमा भोगेका (ती-हार) हरुलाई
जितमा परिवर्तन गरोस

Happy Tihar जब अाउछ तिहार चिसो हावा चल्छ हुरुरु
येसै बेला मखमलि फुल्छ येसै बेला सयपत्रि फुल्छ अनि मन रुन्छ धुरुरु
तिहारको शुभकामना २०७७

सम्पूर्ण नेपालीको घरमा सुख शान्ति र समवृद्धी छाओस
तिहारको मंगलमय शुभकामना Happy Tihar

हिन्दुहरुको महान पर्व २०७७ सालको
तिहारको सम्पुर्ण नेपाली दाजु भाइ
दिदी बहिनीहरुमा सुख, शान्ती
समृद्धि तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिको लागि
हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ब्यक्त गर्दछु Happy Tihar

तिहारको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना ब्यक्त गर्दै
यसपालीको तिहार महामारीका कारण सुरक्षित भई
अा- अाफ्नै ठाउँमा मनाउनु हुन सम्पुर्ण नेपाली
दाजुभाई तथा दिदीबहिनीहरुमा बिनम्र अनुरोध गर्दछु Happy Tihar

शुभकामना !
देश बिदेशमा रहनु भएको समस्त नेपालिजनहरुमा तिहारको शुभकामना

दिप जस्तो चम्किरहोस्
तपाईंको जीवन कहिल्यै पिडाले खिन्न नहोस्
त्यो मन सधैं भित्रियोस मुरीका मुरी
तपाईंको घरमा धन सुनौलो विहानीको होस्
यही छ मेरो तपाईंलाई २०७७ सालको शुभकामना

२०७4 सालको तिहारको पावन अवसरमा
तपाई र तपाईको पुरा परिवारलाई हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना


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