Teacher’s Day is one of the special days which makes them feel special among their students. The idea of this occasion to celebrate the “Teacher’s Day” is took to many countries during the 19th century. A teacher is who teaches the youth and the old person the correct suggestion and inspiration. They have a lot of responsibility towards the people and the students. They have to aware of the public. They give their mind to the students so in a year we all celebrate the teacher’s day. However, we all celebrate the teacher’s day on 5th September.

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The contribution of teachers in our life we all don’t give the attention or focus on this. From the starting of the learning and at the end of the learning stage our teachers is always with us a parent. They all are always available for us and teach anything whatever the student wants. In India, we celebrate the teacher’s day on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was known as a man of many excellent characters and attributes.

The teacher has an important role in our overall development such as:-

  • They guide children and students to leadership skills.
  • They instill obedience into young people decaying them into future
  • Also, they provide their students with pure and emotional direction.

Teachers are overcome many difficulties in their life such as the unappreciative growth by society as well as dealing with disciplinary issues of their students.

What can we do on Teachers’ Day?

A thank-you is a very effective word. In our busy lives, we have come to misremember showing appreciation. Many studies have come up explaining the benefits that appreciation can have on the one who reveals it and on the one who receives it. We can take this opportunity as a day to thank our teachers and show our respect and care for them.

  • We can recommend and provide support by making use of the skills that we have learned over these years.
  • We can give them a visit on this day and share with them our skills. This will for sure make them sparkling and impressive of their struggles.
  • We can present a small gift of gratefulness, something that they could keep as a memory like a pen or a planner or something that would be useful for them.
  • We should also seek their permission and let them know that we are always there for them when they need us.
  • Students can gift together them books and other materials and arrange a get-together especially if the class has graduated.

Time spent with them and gratitude displayed would be a great gesture to make teachers happy and proud. It is very important to understand their benefaction in making our personality. So you can also share your experience in the comments and give your advice on that how can we celebrate this occasion stay connect with us and stay safe!


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