Onam is one of the greatest festivals of Hindus which is celebrated in the state of the Kerala, India. As we all know that in India there is much religion that lives together and celebrates all the festivals. So Onam is celebrated by the Hindu. Hindi word has enhanced from the Sanskrit term Sindhu, which means river. In the religion of the Hindus, they worship many Gods and Goddess. Vedas is the oldest writing of Hindus, this word also generates from the Sanskrit language. The Vedas, Which were composed of classical oral traditions, contain hymns, instructions, explanations, chants for sacrifices, magical formulas, and philosophy. The epic books of the Hindu religion which they follow that is the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and the Bhagavad Gita. In the Hindu religion, they have thirty million gods.


The festival of Onam is brief into a book by a legend to the people of Kerala. As per the book in the history of India, there is one King the name of the King is Mahabli, we can also say Bahu. He was one of the powerful kings those who worship of Vishnu were afraid of losing their status. Vishnu has become a Vamana. He decided that he trie to that Mahabali will be giving up the Kingdom. Then the Vamana asks Bali to take a part of the land and then Bali poured the water on the Vemana hands but suddenly he converts himself into a giant.

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    onam-blessings-greeting-cardonam-wishes-in-english Happy Onam 2020 Wishes Images Status Quotes Whatsapp Messages Status and Rangoli Design 1 When he walks forward and takes the first step then the entire earth was occupied, then the second step way to heaven, and then he takes the third step, so the Bali will give him there own head. The Vamana is taking the third step on Bali’s heads. When n the Venema forward he next step then Bali pushes him to the underworld as kind of the Ashura’s. And the Bali asked that if he could be allowed to come back once in the year to make sure that his people were well and happy, And Vamana agreed.

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To welcome him the people of Kerala clean their home and yards, and also decorate their houses with the help of leaves and flowers. The first day of the festival eas celebrated with lots of gifts which they give to each other, songs and dance as well as. The second day of the festival is known as “Thiruvonam” in which Bali has come back to his former Kingdom. In this celebration, they also do the Boxing demonstration, and also do the traditional clapping around a brass lamp, also listen about the reenactments of myths from the life of epis heroes. There there is a big play of caparisoned elephants, SNAKE BOAT RACES, folk dancing, and fireworks pretensions. For more interesting written updates news stay tuned with us and stay safe!




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