One more festival is around the corner for what people are waiting for its name is Losar Festival or Tibetan New Year. People love to celebrate this day with pop and show. They love to be a part of this festival. On this day, they worship God by oral prayer in the temples. It is believed one of the most auspicious days of the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. It gives peace of mind and positive vibes throughout the year. The day has different days of celebration as per the states or locations. It is celebrated on the first day Lunisolar Tibetan Calendar and this year, the festival observed on 12th February 2021.

Happy Losar 2021

Tibetan New Year 2021 Wishes, Quotes

On the occasion of this day, people avoid drinking alcohol and do not go for any intoxicated things. They celebrate in a good manner by going temple and expressing their gratitude. They also offer nagas as per their rituals and they treat people better. Now, moving forward to the dates of the Tibetan New Year. In the year 2019, it was celebrated on the 5th of February, and the last year it took place on the 24th of February. Again it is ready to be celebrated by thousands of people full of faith on the 12th of February.

. Wishing you prosperity and happiness that is going to last with you forever and ever. Happy Losar Festival to you.

2. May this Tibetan New Year bring along happiness and smiles for you and fill your heart with beautiful memories. Warm wishes on Losar Festival.

3. On the occasion of Losar Festival, I am sending warm greetings for you and your loved ones for a blessed and joyous life.

4. May the advent of Tibetan New Year fill your soul with eternal joy. May you find many opportunities in life to grow. Happy Losar Festival to you.

5. The most beautiful time of the year is here. Let us dress up in colourful clothes and let us enjoy the festivities with our loved ones. Warm wishes on Tibetan New Year to everyone.

Happy Losar 2021

Losar Tibetan New Year Images & Pictures

It has been celebrating for a long time, you might have heard but this day is celebrated for fifteen days with the main celebration of the beginning three days which are pretty important. The first day is known as Changkol is made from Chhaang. The second day of Losar called King’s Losar. It has high altitudes of Nepal Himalaya Range. At the beginning following the rituals, in the morning ceremony at Namgyal Monastery which is led by Dalai Lama. When the day is around the corner, people clean their homes and start decorating to make the festival more beautiful.

As we welcome the Tibetan New Year, let us also welcome the happiness and joys, let us also welcome the positivity and prosperity. Happy Losar Festival to you.

On the occasion of Losar Festival, I wish you the most unforgettable celebrations, I wish you the most delightful memories. Have a wonderful Tibetan New Year.

Lots of music and dancing, lots of good times and celebrations, let of smiles but no tensions are what I wish for you on the occasion of Losar Festival. Greetings to you and your loved ones.


They use flowers and wear new clothes on the day and shine like a star in their locality. There is a favorite drink of everyone during the day which name is Chang. It is served warm. People feel happy throughout the day and spend a good time with their wives, children, and all the family members. They eat a different kind of dishes to make their occasion more memorable and unforgettable. Most of the people from the Buddhism community celebrate this festival very grand. We would like to wish all the people Happy Losar or Tibetan New Year. So, stick with us for more details and further updates.


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