What Happened To Hamid Gurkha and what was his cause of death?: A legendary actor Hamid Gurkha has passed away recently due to Covid-19. It has left the fans in shock as the Internet pays tributes. We have received news that the legendary actor and comedian Hamid Gurkha has passed away. The reason for his demise was reported to be Tuberculosis. There were many other complications as well which could not be controlled and just added to his suffering. Follow UptoBrain.com For More Updates

Hamid Gurkha

How did Hamid Gurkha die?

Her youngest daughter, Nor Ashita aged 47, was the first one to confirm the news. The family has been in a grieving state as they lost a good man and a person who cared a lot about his family. The time of his passing was told to be 2 o’clock in the afternoon. He breathed his last at the hospital he was admitted in.

“Pak Hamid is no more. Pray for his soul to be blessed. His oxygen suddenly decreased. Suddenly the doctor called and said he wanted to see him, when he saw him, the doctor said he was gone,” as stated by her daughter Nor Ashita.

Hamid Gurkha Death Cause

According to the doctors he was suffering from Tuberculosis on top of the Covid-19 virus. It had been a long time for which he had suffered and it was good that he was relieved from his suffering. No one deserves to suffer. This was stated by the doctors as well so we can understand how much he would have been going through.

“May his soul rest in peace”.

It was reported on Monday of the previous week that Hamid or more widely known as Pak Hamid was undergoing treatment at the HTAR monitoring ward in Klang. He was admitted there in lieu of his lung and health-related problems. Later on, he was caught by the Covid-19 virus as well.

Who was Hamid Gurkha?

Pak Hamid was an actor and comedian. He was first known to the public through his film Panglima Badol which was released in 1978. He got married to Timah Abdul Hamid and stayed married for more than 6 decades.

He had been blessed with eight children but unfortunately, two of them died. He also had 32 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren. So you can see clearly that he had lived a full life and couldn’t have wanted anything more.

He was also awarded many awards. One of them was the Best Comedian trophy at the Malaysian Film Festival in 1982. Some of his featured films are Gila Gila, The man noticed Divorce, Constable Mamat, Play with ghosts, and many more.

We will update you with more information as soon as it goes live.


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