One more written update is ready for all of you, it is also one of the famous and well-known serials and these days it is getting on the top and it also gets high TRP, the name of the serial is Meri Wali good News, and there are millions of fan following of the show, many of the people they love to watch it, let’s know the latest update related to the serial, so let’s know what’s happening in the current and upcoming episode.

Hamari Wali Good News 29th October 2020 Written Update

Hamari Wali Good News 29th October 2020 Written Update (29-10-2020) 

in the bigging of the episode, Adi says to Anushka to stop it, if Navya can not be mom, then it is not her mistake, Renuka gets shocked and it is not her mistake, she should not be blamed for it, here we need to understand the pain of the women in the society, then Alok and Mukund meet to Sanjay.

Here Alok appreciates Sanjay and he says Sanjay is coming so I thought you should meet him, Sanjay and Mukund’s conversation is going on and he says your choice won’t be wrong and I believe you then Sanjay says not everyone knows you, when he cim, omes with his mom and dad and Mukund asks for a pie that he left.

As he can see the parking cars and worries, he says that is the car, I will complain to the Police, later he calls Spector Dewan and complains about the incident, he already found the director, in the next scene we see Renuka is crying and she does not know what is he doing, she says that she longs to stay away from the matter.

She listens the Siran and goes away from there, she says because Gupta’s daughter in law can not be mother hence she tries to commit suicide, Gupta taunts her and blamed her for her doing Kusum says she should not have done this, Pappu saw her doing this and saved her. Now it will be interesting to see what happens next in the upcoming episode, so do not forget to watch.


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