One of the most popular Indian multinational sweets, restaurant, and snacks companies, Haldiram has been trending on Twitter for the last few hours after a video of the restaurant has gone viral on social media. According to the sources, a TV reporter can be seen debating with the restaurant staff over a snacks packet and the reporter is continuously asking the reason behind the “URDU” language printed on the packet. Most of the people on social media has raised their voice against the action applied by the company over snacks even during the Hindu festival.

Haldiram Printed URDU Language On Snacks Packet Video Viral

Let us tell you that the debate between a reporter of SudarshanNewsTv and a staff member of the Haldiram’s restaurant. The reporter whose name is unknown was seen asking to the staff that “Why the Urdu language was printed on the packet” which is used by the Hindus during the Navratri festival. The flavor of the packet is Haldiram’s Falahari Mixture which is still available on the shops and even in Haldiram’s restaurant for customers. After the reporter’s video went viral on social media, the video grabbed the attention of the people around the nation and raised their voice against the language used by the company.

Haldiram URDU Language Used On Packet Video

Currently, the topic is trending on the Internet and netizens want to know the reason behind this trend. Well, a product or snack sold by the company is available on many stores and shops in the country and people are urging to know why the company has printed the description of the packet in the Urdu language. Some of the people are asking that “the product is made for only Muslims’s not for Hindus”.

A Twitter user wrote,” Haldiram using URDU print on its packet of Falhari Mixture – are they serving Halal Food to “H”?”. While another tweet reads,” This is Bikaji bhujia… In place of Hindi…. Urdu language is written…. How much % of Indian know Urdu….. Hindi is our national language…. They why Urdu is written”.

Falahari Mixture Packet Urdu Description

Since the video raised the attention of the netizens on social media, people also have been sharing the images or videos of the packet in which the description was printed in the Urdu language. Well, the product was made for Indian or Hindu who can eat it during their festival Navratri so, how can they even read the language if they want to read before having it.

After this, social media users have made more than 42K tweets within a few hours opposing the Haldiram company. Currently, the topic is currently trending on 6th on Twitter which also comes in the political topic. Keep in touch with us to know more details here.


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