Haiwan 7th September 2019 Episode Written Updates: Ansh Will Become Haiwaan

Haiwan 7th September 2019 episode written updates are served here.

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Haiwan is the new sci-fi thriller which has started last week on ZeeTV. We see the story revolves around the friendship of two boys: Randhir and Ansh. They both come in the first scene and fights a monster together. A lady comes there and asks to stop the truck but they both left with the truck. Jia is the main antagonist which we found. She has planned the theft of her own truck. Amrita who is SP of the town comes there and says the truck was about to be robbed but then the police come there and find out the plan of Jia. Haiwan written updates involve the science creation of Jia which she uses for her benefits.

Zee TV Haiwan 7th September 2019 Written Updates:

Zee TV Haiwan story revolves around the bond of two boys and then we see that Randhir is in love with Amrita. In Haiwaan 7th September 2019 episode written updates, Amrita goes there and he talks to her sweetly. Ansh sees that Randhir is injured and he asks him to take care of this. Randhir was in his house and his Nayantara aunty humiliates Randhir and says that he is not deserving. Then Ansh was seeing the photos of Amrita and then he decides to admit the love in front of his best friend Randhir. You can see the Haiwaan updates which Ekta Kapoor shared with us.

Amrita comes there at the cafe where Ansh invites her. Then Jia gets to know that Randhir attacked Haiwan. Jia asks Haiwan to go and kill him. Randhir gets to know that Haiwan is coming there and he calls him but Ansh did not pick up the call. Haiwaan attacks the cafe. Then Randhir thinks that he has to do something in order to stop Haiwan. So Randhir will test all this on himself and become superhuman but Ansh asks him to stop as the experiment could go wrong. In Haiwan Latest Episode, we will see that experiment will go wrong. What will this story show us, as we are so curious to know? There will be confusion between the love life and friendship of Randhir and Ansh.


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