According to the official news of Haiti country, almost 724 people have died after the massive earthquake hit the country with a powerful magnitude of 7.2. The deadly earthquake hit the entire Caribbean nation on Sunday, August 15, 2021. After this massive hit, the rescuers’ mission has been started in the country to find out the missing and dead people from damage.

Haiti Earthquake Live Updates

With this, the reports are coming that some survivors are still left in the damage and the rescue missions have been begun. In the list of flattened, many schools, churches and homes are listed and some hospitals are still left where the supplies for the help are coming out.

Haiti Earthquake Live Updates

With all of this information, around 2800 people have found injured in this earthquake and unknown numbers of people are still missing, as per the official reports. The country was already reeling from the political crisis for the last month after their president passed away and now, the poor country is facing another disaster which was unexpected for them. it seems that the area of South-West of Haiti faced vast damages and especially the area around the Les Cayes.

Some videos are surfing on the Internet which is showing the critical condition of the country and many residents can be seen trying to pull victims from the damages of the buildings. In the videos, the people are trying to save their family and friends in this disaster and the roads of Haiti were filled with screaming, and people were also seen running on the road to reach the safest nearby place.

7.2 Magnitude Richter Scale Photos Video Images

Many people are searching for their loved ones and providing any kind of help to everyone or resources including water, and medical help. As per the reports, the epicentre of the earthquake was almost 12 KM means 7.5 miles from the Saint-Louis du Sud town. While many people felt this earthquake in the populated capital of Port-au-price including the neighbouring countries.

The Prime Minister of the country, Ariel Henry declared the emergency for the next month and requested all the people to show some solidarity with everyone.

The injured people are receiving any possible help and even, many cities and countries have come forward to help them. While some international level communities have promised to the country to help. The US President, Joe Biden had authorised a rescue effort for the country.

Another nearby country, Dominican Republic has provided important resources to the country including medical help and food along with this, Cuba country sent more than 240 doctors in the country to deliver medical help. The official reports said that almost 870 homes have destroyed in earthquake. There are more than 55% of people are surviving for the food in the country.

Before 10 years in 2010, the country faced another earthquake and due to that, more than 200,000 people lost their life and the vast damage was faced by the country.


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