There is another enthusiastic Handball match set to squaring off between GWD vs TSE by the German Mens Handball league. In this upcoming match, there are both teams are excited to clash on the field. The match is set to be played at 11 PM tonight on 3rd December 2020. Here we will unveil all the aspects regarding this match like probable Lineups, Key Players, winning Prediction. So let’s go to explore GWD and TSE.

Tusem Essen

Match Preview

On the basis of previous results, both teams played desperately to win matches and it shows that they are very excited to get the top position in this league but anyway currently, GWD is placed at 18th position with 3+ points in this tournament and on the other side, TSE is placed on 19th points although it has a similar score as GWD.

GWD vs TSE Live Score

  • Date: Thursday, December 3, 2020
  • Time: 11:30 pm IST
  • Venue: Kampa-Halle arena in Minden, Germany

GWD vs TSE Top picks

  • TSV GWD Minden: Carsten Lichtlein, Christoffer Rambo, Kevin Gulliksen
  • Tusem Essen: Lukas Diedrich, Justin Muller, Noah Beyer

GWD vs TSE Probable Lineups

  • TSV GWD Minden: Christoffer Rambo, Doruk Pehlivan, Christian Zeitz, Juri Knorr, Lucas Meister, Mats Korte, Christoph Reissky
  • Tusem Essen: Lukas Diedrich, Felix Klingler, Dimitri Ignatow, Tolga Durmaz, Noah Beyer, Justin Muller, Lucas Firnhaber,

Match Prediction

As we all are excited to know the probable winner of its upcoming match so as per the basis of prior matches, In this match as we discussed both teams have the same score and due to this reason it is next to impossible to predict the actual winner but as per the available information, TSV GWD Minden will win this match.


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