The founder of the Venice Kundalini Yoga studio RA MA and a popular entrepreneur, Guru Jagat passes away at the age of 41. According to the social media sources, a 41-years-old Yog Guru was suffered from Pulmonary embolism after her ankle surgery. Some of the popular Hollywood celebrities like Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Rutherford are followers of her. The death news of Guru Jagat was officially posted on the RA MA Institute website and also, the news was also confirmed by the institute.

Who is Guru Jagat?

The news was shared by Colleen Wachob on Monday, August 2, who is a Co-CEO of MindBodyGreen. Guru Jagat took her last breathe on Sunday, August 1, 2021, but the news of her demise was shared the next day.

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Well, she was not a normal instruction and her real name was Katie Griggs who was born in Colorado. Her friends who grew up with her said that she always wanted to become a rock star or a famous personality. Later, she accomplished with the New York Community and Mallorca as well where RA MA was also present. Mainly, Jagat opened the RA MA in 2013 and shared her spirituality among her followers.

Yoga Teacher Guru Jagat Passed Away at 41

As per WWD, she started her seven companies and took stands on this. She told in 2019 to the publication that I am an entrepreneur and opened many classed and workshops around the world and one of them was established to finding wealth.

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Her real name was Katie Griggs but later, she was known as Guru Jagat and the meaning of the word is in Sanskrit is “Bring Light To The Universe”. Being a Yoga Guru, she was also a businesswoman and a teacher who inculcate Kundali Yoga technique in everyone’s lives.

In Los Angeles, she founded her first institute, RA MA, and not only in Los Angles, but RA MA institutes are also available in Spain and New York. She was the author of Invincible Living book. She also took a part in Paris Fashion Week where she presented the collection of her demi-couture gowns.

A Life Of Entrepreneur

Guru Jagat had seen many times in the world of Yoga and Fashin industry as well and gave her lecture as a guest at Harvard Divinity School. At that time, she started her own school of business and released RA MA records.

Her death was the biggest lost for her followers and many followers were sharing their condolence or sorrow over social media. There is no update regarding her last rites but it will be announced soon and whenever it will be available to inform, we will share this through our page. May God Bless Her Soul.


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