Gunmen Kill Police In Anambra, South Africa, Destroy Camps: A spokesperson for the State Police Command named Toochukwu Ikenga (DSP) said that the police squad has accomplished the mission and destroyed the camps of the gunmen in Achalla, Awka North. But Anambra State Police department also faced repercussions of the secret operation as the department lost its two dedicated police officers in the operation. Follow More Updates On

Gunmen Kill Police

Gunmen Kill Police In Anambra

Reportedly, gunmen killed police officers during the operation. AT least ten hoodlums were taken down by the Anambra State Police officers in Achalla, Awka North, a local federal region of the Anambra state. Since State Police Command, DSP Toochukwu Ikenga reported about the operation people have been curious to know about this operation. You are advised to stick with this column till the very end to learn more about it. We have discussed all the imperative points related to this development. Scroll down the page.

The DSP of Anambra State Police claimed that at least 10 hoodlums were shot to death and a minimum of three camps that were harboring the gunmen were destroyed and devastated by the officers during the operation. He said this during a press release which was held to confirm the police operation against the criminals who go by the title of unknown gunmen. Shift to the next division for more details.

DSP Toochukwu Ikenga further kept going on by saying that two officers of the Anambra Police department and a civilian car tracker lost their life in the operation. According to Toochukwu Ikenga, two police officers were taken down by the hoodlums on Friday when police carried out a secret operation against them on 15th July 2022. He also revealed that unknown gunmen had made two police officers hostages along with a car tracker who was with the Amanabrea Police officers in this operation. Kindly learn more about this development in the further placed section of this note. Drag down.

We are feeling sad for the family of the civilian who joined the squad as a car tracker in this operation as he became the victim of the criminals alongside two police officers. But the Anambra police department has reinforced and dislodged the gunmen by killing some of them and some have managed to escape the scene with bullet injuries. After the operation, Anambra Police officers recovered two RPG explosives, one RPG launcher, one human skull, and an empty chain of bullets. Other recovered items are Toyota Sienna, 4matic Jeep, Mercedes Benz, and a single barrel long gun.


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